The expert insurance compliance consultants at SKM&A have a wide variety of experience, working on many types of traditional, customized, and groundbreaking products. Here are some of the nice things our clients have said about us...



"I’ve been working with Sandy for over 15 years, I’ll bet I’m not the longest. We work with Sandy because there are times when our internal resources are booked up, and she’s been able to provide them. She’s efficient, responsive, very knowledgeable. One of the most telling comments I ever heard, if anyone in this industry — in this country — can get an answer from state regulators, it’s Sandy Meltzer. She’s very good at what she does. “There have been many times we’ve been unsure of something, with a new regulatory development, and I can always count on her to be available to talk things through…and if between the two of us we don’t have the answer, she always has the resources, comes up with answer, always has been a great resource for me. “I’ve probably worked with everyone on her staff. I can always rely on Pam Kelly. Lately I’ve worked a lot with Al Shelton, doing a whole collection of filings, he’s been a real hard worker. Found that to be true of everyone I’ve worked with there. I only have good things to say about them as well. They are always very responsive, and very knowledgeable. “There’s no doubt about it, in this line of business there can be some big challenges. But Sandy has very strong rapport with state regulators. And most of the time it’s fair to say they can figure a way around it, or through it.”

Barbara B. Holloway



"I’ve been working with SKM&A for almost 10 years, and have found them very useful in peak load situations. They are creative, thoughtful problems solvers. I’d certainly recommend them when special situations arise.”

Daniel C. Crain

            Pacific Life & Annuity Company



"We date back to 2002, working with SKM&A Sandy was phenomenal. I was really green when it came to private placement products, which was new to the marketplace, she was instrumental in helping me get things approved, move all sorts of roadblocks – for me, she was the only person knowledgeable about moving these new products into the market, she really helped. We’ve been in contact ever since my senior management asked who would be helpful in getting fast approvals, and I always say Sandy.

“Senior Management appreciates what she’s done with us, they give me full buy-in. She doesn’t charge for every little thing. I’m working with Pam right now, and I have worked with Dee a lot. And have to go to the next AICP meeting to meet some of the folks in person. “I don’t feel like I want to go to any other firm. When we checked other firms, I didn’t feel the professional or personal connection, I’ve trusted what they have to say. Sandy is no a lawyer, but real knowledgeable about products, anything I need from her about product lines. She’s an expert in filing products, providing good advice, and has been very helpful. “I feel like a part of their family — I know about their vacations and what they’ve done personally, we’ve developed a relationship, and that helps when I’m in a crunch. I pick up the phone, don’t have to make an appointment, I feel very comfortable with them. I feel possessive of this relationship, just because I like Sandy and the team. ”

Diana Moody

            NY Life Advanced Markets Network

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